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  • Just starting out to with your Lightpreneur business?
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If you answered “yes” to any of the above, Lightpreneurs.com is your place for resources to help you in your journey to make the World a better, brighter place.

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Lightpreneurs is Springing forward!

We are making lots of changes and getting back to our roots.

2015 has already started with many changes and there will be many more:  new classes and workshops, new products, re-shifting more to internet based interaction.  Stay tuned and be a part of the change.  Elmas will be offering several new “one time live” classes in order to record them to make them available to a more global audience.  These will be fun, exciting and high energy and a must experience opportunity.  Make sure you are on our newsletter sign up to the right to be apprised of all the offerings.


August 2nd ~  MasterLights   For more info…




Resources for your success and prosperity

You will find lots of resources on the site including:  Coaching Packages,  Information on , upcoming eventsRecommended reading,and Business Partners.  Also, be sure to check back often for the LightpreneursTMVideo Blog, hosted by the LightpreneursTM Guru, Elmas Vincent with many more resources still being added.



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